We know that acts of discrimination are happening across the state.

 Have you suffered or been a witness to discrimination based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression in Idaho? If you would like the Add the Words Idaho to review your complaint, please fill out and submit our online complaint form.

Before submitting an intake form, please review the following guidelines:

  • We cannot always respond quickly. If your complaint is urgent please do not wait to hear from us before taking other action such as seeking emergency providers. You can fill out the form once urgent needs have been met. 

  • We are not lawyers. This means we cannot give legal advice and don't have legal staff to answer the phone.

  • We can only review complaints in writing. However, if you need assistance because of a disability please contact us in the manner that is best for you. 


Here is what we CAN do:

  • We can help you navigate resources and connect you to those that may be able to help with legal options, especially in areas of employment and housing.

  • We can keep an ongoing record of acts of discrimination across the state.

  • We can show state leaders how, when, and where discrimination is happening in Idaho. These stories are only used with permission and can be done with or without identifying information.  

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